Never Gonna Hustle

On July 24, something amazing happened in the world. No, I’m not talking about the disclosure of the Royal Baby’s three-part moniker and literally everyone taking to social media sites to gush over baby George Alexander Louis. I am, however, speaking of Matthew Berry connecting with me on Twitter. Picture this:

I’m sitting on half of my seafoam green couch (not because I chose one half over the other, but rather because I currently only have half of my couch in my apartment) staring into an equally unfinished living room. It was a hot Chicago afternoon and all I could think about was cool, sweet melons to curb my overheated body and insatiable appetite. After thinking a long while about, well, nothing important, I began daydreaming of the joy that would soon grace my apartment: Comcast internet and cable TV.

Included in this glorious cable TV package are two, count ’em TWO, ESPN channels. I know, I’m a high roller with my half-couch and two ESPN channels. So as any self-respecting Twitter user would, I began tweeting random thoughts regarding my current situation. Directly after a frivolous tweet about melons with the sweet hashtag of #MelonsOnMyMind, I sent out an even more frivolous tweet to Matthew Berry.

Pretty frivolous, right? Twitter is basically like my impulsive, public diary in that it reveals things such as my run-in with a stranger who smells like my puppy’s breath and who I’d like to eat pizza and watch ESPN with on the weekends (apologies to my boyfriend who has been dreaming of hearing me say those romantic words to him since we met).

Fast-forward to a mere 5 hours later when the man who basically got me my summer internship* appears in my push notifications. 

I’m not sure why he responded to me, but I’m not going to question it! I’ve been listening to his Fantasy Focus podcast for a few weeks now, so although I feel like we’ve created a fairly strong bond, I can only assume he now feels the same  after tweeting me back…or at least we share a similar love of pizza and sports networks.

I thought the hardest part was getting a response, but now the real challenge is getting the other half of the couch to my apartment so Matthew Berry will have somewhere to sit while we bond over mini pizzas and ESPN. But hey, who needs an entire couch when you have the clutch combo meal of Matthew Berry, mini pizzas and ESPN? Not this guy.

*Pretty hilarious story as to how I basically got hired for my summer internship with a sports comedy website, Bacon Sports. Look out for a post on that adventure soon!

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