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Turning 20 Takes Courage

While I’m always ecstatic whenever a loved one’s birthday rolls around (or mine…especially mine), this one feels significantly different than the others. I was talking to a friend the other day about my upcoming 20th birthday and the disturbing number of online articles I’ve seen listing all the things people wish they knew at 20.

It’s like for whatever reason, 30+ year-olds everywhere are picking up their special edition hindsight glasses, dusting them off and looking back to their 20s. Then simultaneously, or within a week of each other, they all submit their posts online—conveniently in time for me to start my one-week countdown to packing up my teenage years in my large, purple Rubbermaid memory box and throwing it in the storage room.

Although these insightful posts are, well, insightful, I can’t help but feel pressured from them. I know the secrets; I’m privy to all these things that people regret being blissfully unaware of at 20 and now feel obligated to share them with the newly-20-year-olds of the world. But because of the inability to evade these ubiquitous posts, I feel as though I hold the key to unlock up the trunk specifically made for 20 somethings to ensure the best decade of their lives.

So at this point I have two options: Run as fast as I can within the next two weeks to said secret-holding-trunk to ensure my 20’s end up “better” than the authors of these posts, or kindly thank them for the key, but toss it in the nearest lake next time I’m walking my dog.

I think I’ll take the latter and try it out for myself. Just as life, in its entirety, takes us on a convoluted path and often leads us down roads that seem like the farthest thing from what we actually want, lately I’ve been enjoying life’s confusing ride and where I’m ending up. Turning 20 takes courage to go on a new path without looking at where others have gone, but rather making it your own and being creative.

So here’s to turning 20 in 6 days and worrying not about what I can do to ensure a flawless couple of years, but rather focusing on how much fun I will be having and the path I will create for myself. Click read more to see a list of things I do and don’t want to continue when I turn super old in a week!

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