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Austin Man Offers $1,500 for Girlfriend

    The infamous 39-year-old man from Austin who is shamelessly searching for the woman of his dreams via his online blog, Sleepless in Austin, is offering $1,500 to whomever can successfully play matchmaker.
    Though he is taking a non-traditional approach to online dating, Larry Busby is a lot like most people you probably know personally: He is extremely picky when it comes to his dream girl, he only uploads pictures that portray the best version of himself he can be and he is willing to pay his monetary dues when they’re, well, due.
    However, I am willing to bet the same amount of money our modern-day Romeo is offering for his future girlfriend that this whole thing is a scam. I’m sure a week from now, Jimmy Kimmel will
    release a video laughing at all of us for making yet another ridiculous person’s online-submission viral.
    If, however, it is real, the saddest part will be the binder full of women this guy will likely have at the end of it all from fellow desperate singles whom actually find this guy appealing. Personally, I can see a beautiful bond forming between this guy and the girl making sandwiches for her boyfriend to prove she’s wife material…but she’s not his type.
    Whether Busby is sincere when he lists his strict criteria for his future victim girlfriend, or he is simply using this as a publicity stunt for his wedding photography business, here is this weirdo’s search for love in NUMBERS:

Whatever comes of this, I can’t help but think he can be summed up in the following lyrics from Kanye West’s track, Hell of a Life, “Said her price go down, she ever f*** a black guy/Or do anal, or do a gangbang/It’s kinda crazy that’s all considered the same thing.”

photo credit: iChaz & timlewisnm

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